Free Membership

Every Shaklee product has it's own UV. If items purchased meet 200 UV and over in one time, you are entiled to get Free Shaklee Membership for entire life. No renewal membership reqiured. You will save :

  • RM68.90 for Starter Kit and registration fee
  • About 30% from retailed priced (you can enjoy Shaklee member price for all products)
  • About RM30.00 whereas you will earn cash bonus on the next following month

Your Starter Kit and products purchased will be sent by Shaklee Malaysia and you will charged shipping and handling which is flat rate RM10.60 for West Malaysia and RM21.20 for Sabah Sarawak.

If your products purchased amount is RM800 and over (member price), or you purchase a bottle of Vivix or more, you do not need to pay shipping and handling cost. Free shipping all over Malaysia for order RM800 and above or buy Vivix.

If you have made a payment to us, we will contact you to give a brief about this offer. If you agree to join us, we will proceed your application and refund the balance for discounted member price.

Feel free to contact us for more details

Other benefits of joining Shaklee membership, you can read here