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Welcome to the world of Shaklee - where our Philosophy, Products and Sales Plan come together to create the Shaklee Opportunity.

The Shaklee Sales Plan is a unique program of financial and incentive benefits that rewards growth in sales volume as well as leadership, and helps business builders create a strong, lucrative organization.

Shaklee offers ways of building a financially rewarding and personal satisfying lifestyle.

There are some benefits of joining as Sahklee Membership

Enjoy Member Price

Buy Shaklee Products that discounted about 10 to 20% of retailed prices. Besides that, enjoy the UV every time purchase of Shaklee Product. Enjoy cash bonus for UV over than 150 in particular month

Car Program

The Shaklee Car Subsidy Program is a Shaklee-sponsored incentive program available to all Shaklee Sales Leaders who meet specific qualification requirements.

Qualified Sales Leaders earn basic car credits each month when they fulfill the minimum performance requirement of the Car Subsidy Program.

Compensation Program

Shaklee offers the opportunity to earn compensation for several business building activities. Earn a percentage based on both your product sales and development of a team of business leaders that does the same. The larger your team grows, the more you earn! The opportunities for growth are infinite.

Incentive Program

Once you reach the rank of Supervisor, you can begin to earn points toward the Incentive program which includes exclusive all-expense-paid trips.


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